About us

Drugi plan Ltd. was founded in 2004, as one of first independent companies specialized for development and production of different types of media content. During the existence, Drugi plan became one of only two independent production companies which have successfully cooperated with all 3 TV-companies with national concession (HTV, RTL, Nova TV). We possess high level of production experience in all kinds of formats, such as live shows, entertainment shows, reality shows, documentaries and TV series.

It's needless to say that all our clients were highly satisfied with our production knowledge and performance. It should be noted that in general, Drugi plan has independently carried out the entire production - from idea to realization.

Drugi plan cooperates with several hundred individuals and uses its own technical support (HD cameras, microphones, lights, studio, settings, etc.) for implementation of its projects. Our projects' success and recognizability is based on detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the television market, our following of the latest global television trends, but primarily on huge enthusiasm, creativity and drive of the company's key employees, who exchanged their reputable journalist and editor-in-chief careers for their successful entrepreneurial adventure.

Drugi plan is a full-service production company, offering services from project’s start-to-finish, including entire development and production. Our team and our technical capacities guarantee successful realization of all kinds of audio-visual formats.

Drugi plan Ltd. is co-founder and member of Croatian Association of Independent TV producers (HDNTVP), and since 2012 member of Sparks Network, one of the world’s leading distributors and development networks for television formats.