Premiere of "K15"

Premiere of

An experimental film "K15" from a K series of works by a multidisciplinary visual artist Zlatko Kopljar was successfully filmed and premierly shown at Berlin's Isabella Czarnowska gallery.

"K15" was produced by Drugi plan and filmed on locations at Warsaw, Poland.

The film is conceptualized as a remake of an event from 1970, when during his visit to Warsaw, Willy Brandt spontaneously knelt down at the monument to victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. By doing so, the German Chancellor paid his respects to all the residents of Warsaw killed by the Nazis during the World War II. This act was one of the reasons why Brandt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the next year.

Zlatko Kopljar has had over 20 solo and over 40 group exhibitions. His works are exhibited at the 26th Biennale in Sao Paolo, Zagreb Museum of Modern Art, The Kitchen in New York, Gallery Manes in Prague etc.

On the basis of the Call for applications for funding the promotion of audio-visual creativity, the Croatian Audio-visual Centre (HAVC) co-financed the film production with an amount of 150.000 Kuna.

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