What We Do

Company Drugi plan Ltd. specialises in all types of audio and video production (TV, film, marketing), from conception to realization. Until now, we have created and produced the most diverse television formats and contents, including drama series, comedy series, entertainment shows, reality shows, documentaries, live shows, gastro formats, humanitarian shows, corporate films and commercials.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of services, from start of the project (script, copywriting) and pre-production (organisation, location scouting, casting, set design, mask, costumes, props etc.), to production and post-production of audio-visual contents (editing, image and sound editing, special effects, delivery). We also offer full equipment rental (cameras, sound equipment, lighting etc.).

Main services (company’s registered functions)

  • Publishing
  • Duplication of recorded material
  • Market research and public surveying
  • Production and management consultancy
  • Photography
  • Newspaper agency
  • Promotion (commercials and PR)
    - production of radio and TV contents
    - radio and TV
    - public speaking services
    - broadcasting speech, sound, data, documents, images and other through telecommunication channels in immobile and mobile satellite service
    - broadcasting speech, sound, data, documents, images and other, except for public speaking services
    - production, distribution and public screening of films
    - recording and re-recording of video material
    - rental and sale of video and audio cassettes
    - organisation of events, concerts, fairs, exhibitions
    - translation services
    - sale and purchase of goods
    - commercial mediation in local and foreign market
    - representation of foreign companies